The Rain Barrel Project: Works of Art, Instruments of Environmental Change

The art world meets environmental change meets Equity and Opportunity. That describes one amazing project between St. Louis Artworks and the MSD Project Clear.



Ideas for the grad in your life

There are countless ways to honor the graduate in your life. Celebrations can range from a simple family get-together to a lavish trip or gift. But there’s no need to overdo it. If you’re looking for ideas to spur your gift-giving, we’ve assembled inspiration for almost anyone on your list.


MARSfarm Greenhouses

MARSfarm greenhouses are small enough to fit on a countertop but could change the way the next generation approaches agriculture on Earth – and in space.


Science & Technology

A clinically dead heart attack patient is saved by remarkable and innovative heath care team

A heart attack patient at Mercy Hospital South was saved after he was clinically dead and underwent an astounding 57 minutes of chest compressions in the ER.



Leif Enger Searches for Hope and Healing in his New Novel, “I Cheerfully Refuse”

A grieving man searches for the spirit of his beloved, bookselling wife in Leif Enger’s haunting and restorative new novel, I Cheerfully Refuse.



U-Pick Fun

Nothing says summertime like a juicy piece of fruit. And it can’t get fresher than the type you pulled off a vine, bush, or tree. Take advantage of this seasonal fun; add a U-pick outing to your calendar.

ArtsTheaterTwo on the Aisle

Review of Timbuktu at The Black Rep

In a marketplace in a Western Sudanese town, a man who proudly proclaims that he is a Poet is trying to sell his poems to the locals. “Rhymes have I” he cries. From the ragged state of his clothes, he obviously is not selling a lot of rhymes. Perhaps if he lived here and now, […]


Spotlight: Murals, Bees, Daredevils and Plants

The “Alton Flyaway” mural, what’s buzzing at Chase Park Plaza, daredevil pilots, 1980’s Cardinals, updated Science Center lab, and successful female botanists.



Botanist Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte M. Taylor, Senior Curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Herbarium has named more species of plants than any other woman alive.


HistoryHistory Spotlight

History Spotlight: Daredevil Pilots

In 1910 the St. Louis Post-Dispatch offered a cash prize to the first pilot to fly a plane through one of the Eads Bridge’s arches