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Virtual Events and Livestreams From Your Favorite St. Louis Organizations

HEC Media is here to help you stay entertained, educated, and cultured while social distancing. We’ve curated a list of the best “Stay Home” and livestream content from St. Louis organizations and institutions. And, of course, we’re always bringing new segments and shows to HEC Media’s side and educational content to Educate.Today. Arts Cathedral Basilica […]


The 2020 St. Louis Theater Circle Awards

The 2020 St. Louis Theater Circle Awards honors outstanding achievements in locally produced professional theater in the year 2019.



The St. Louis Symphony’s Virtual Instrument Playground

The St. Louis Symphony’s hands-on instrument playground, now has a video version, just in time to help parents entertain kids out of school and stuck at home.



Spotlight: Yoga, Pets, Music and More

In this week’s episode we take a look at a local food pantry specifically for pets, how the St. Louis Symphony is helping to educate and entertain kids during shelter in place, how a local church and synagogue are working together and much more.



A Young Boy Struggles To Find His Place In Gabriel Bump’s Debut Novel, “Everywhere You Don’t Belong”

In Gabriel Bump’s debut novel, “Everywhere You Don’t Belong,” a young boy learns about love, loss and friendship on Chicago’s South Side.



Two St. Louis School Districts Build Relationships While Learning with STEM

We hear the word STEM thrown around a lot. What does it mean and what does it really mean to students?


Things to do in St. Louis

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