ArchFare Extras: Inside Vicia

Come inside Vicia with us and co-owner Tara Gallina as she tells us all about this beautiful, thoughtful restaurant.



ArchFare: Design In St. Louis

In this pilot episode we bring together 4 innovative design focused St. Louisans to discuss how design enhances all aspects of life at the design-heavy Vicia.


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What to Watch in June

ARCHFARE Food, innovation, ideas and more come together in a brand new venture stemming from our partnership with TEDxGatewayArch. Join Mich Hancock, Raven Fox, Paige Brubeck of Sleepy Kitty Arts & Sleepy Kitty Music, Mike Konzen of PGAV, and Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt on ArchFare! Our pilot episode discusses the concept of ‘design’ with some top-notch designers […]


Grieving Difficult History: There’s a Place for That | Theresa Coble

Theresa brings her professional and highly personal experience to speak about historical events and the need for grief.



Unleashing the power of maps | Ness Sandoval

This talk shows how overlaying data points on a more human scale can help planners, police and politicians to make more informed decisions.


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Beat Box | Nicole Paris

Nicole Paris is labeled the “Best Female Beat-boxer in the Saint Louis area”.




Under the Artistic Direction of Stacy West, MADCO has a commitment to collaborations and to commissioning work that makes an impact.

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Things to do in St. Louis

  • 1. GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World. Read More
  • 2. The Riot Show at Kranzberg Arts Center. Read More
  • 3. Art Saint Louis Winter Exhibition at Angad Arts Hotel. Read More
  • 4. Oraien Catledge & Jay Stock. Read More
  • 5. Carmon Colangelo: Infinite Abstraction. Read More
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