Muny Memories

The Muny’s longtime slogan—Alone in Its Greatness—is perhaps the best way to describe the nation’s largest and oldest continually operating outdoor theatre, which celebrates its centennial season in 2018.

Muny Memories: 100 Seasons Onstage shines a spotlight on this St. Louis summer staple. In it you’ll find out how the theatre was formed, see highlights from seasons past, and peek backstage to discover how that famous Muny magic works. You’ll hear the recollections of stars and staff alike, and have a chance to leave your own Muny memory. You’ll also get to explore 99 seasons’ worth of Muny programs, vote on your favorite stage star, and even learn a dance step or two.

Things to do in St. Louis

  • 1. GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World. Read More
  • 2. The Riot Show at Kranzberg Arts Center. Read More
  • 3. Art Saint Louis Winter Exhibition at Angad Arts Hotel. Read More
  • 4. Oraien Catledge & Jay Stock. Read More
  • 5. Carmon Colangelo: Infinite Abstraction. Read More
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  • 21:00 | Two on the Aisle
  • 21:30 | Liquid Light
  • 07:00 | French in Action
  • 07:30 | French in Action
  • 08:00 | Wallace Herndon Smith: Artist Without Boundaries