Oraien Catledge & Jay Stock

  • International Photography Hall of Fame International Photography Hall of Fame
  • http://iphf.org/
  • Jan 23, 11:00 am - Apr 6, 05:00 pm
  • Price: $10 for non members

The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum presents its first exhibition of the year, Finding Common Ground: The Photography of Oraien Catledge and Jay Stock, opening Wednesday, January 23. The exhibition, from the IPHF collections, pairs two legendary photographers who were both outsiders to the communities with which they engaged. Catledge delved almost exclusively in the impoverished, overlooked city neighborhood of Cabbagetown, examining the lives of those that lived on the margins of society. Stock traveled the world creating photographic essays of the people he met and their varied customs and traditions. Together they shared a profound respect and insistent fascination for the people they photographed.

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