Gateway Cupcake 5k

@ Sunnen Station, 31 Sunnen Dr, Maplewood, MO 63143
A classic battle between those who eat and those who compete. Participants who choose to eat can deduct 3 minutes per Cupcake at 5 Cupcake Stations along the race course for a maximum of 15 minutes off of their finishing time.

The Rules.

Cupcake Stations will be positioned (roughly) at KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4.5, and just before the Finish Line. Cupcakes must be consumed within each Cupcake Consumption Corral. Failure to keep the Cupcakes down will result in disqualification and nausea.
Only one cupcake can be eaten per station. Please use wit and tactics.

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