Reviews of Fun Home, All Is Calm, Boom, Hamlet: See What I See, Thinking It, Macbeth, Arcadia, and Wait Until Dark, Nov. 24, 2016.

    Reviews of (1) FUN HOME, by Alison Bechtel, Lisa Kron & Jeanine Tesori, at the Fox Theatre; (2) ALL IS CALM, by Peter Rothstein, Erick Lichte & Timothy C. Takach, at Mustard Seed Theatre; (3) BOOM, by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, at R-S Theatrics; (4) HAMLET: SEE WHAT I SEE, by William Shakespeare, at Rebel and Misfits; (5) THINKING IT, by Carter W. Lewis, at Washington Univ.; (6) MACBETH, by William Shakespeare, at Webster Univ. Conservatory; (7) ARCADIA, by Tom Stoppard, at Saint Louis Univ.; and (8) WAIT UNTIL DARK, by Frederic Knott, at the Theatre Guild of Webster Groves.

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