2016 Emmy nominations have been announced, HEC-TV takes 16

    The 2016 Mid-America Emmy Awards nominations have been announced, and HEC-TV is honored to be nominated for 16 awards, including Overall Excellence!

    Here are the HEC-TV nominations:

    Arts and Entertainment – Program Feature Segment
    Glass: The Art of Sam Stang
    Kathy Bratkowski, Peter Foggy

    Arts and Entertainment – Program/Special
    State of the Arts
    Kathy Bratkowski, Paul Schankman, Jayne Ballew, Suzanne Vanderhoef, Victoria Babu, Julie Winkle, Gregory Mullen, Peter Foggy, Greg Kopp, Kerry Marks

    Education/Schools – Program Feature Segment
    Teaming Up
    Nancy Pasternak, Greg Kopp

    Historic/Cultural – Program Feature Segment
    Navajo Horsehair Pottery
    Kelly Maue, Greg Kopp

    Historic/Cultural – Program Feature Segment
    The Blessing Basket: Artisan and You
    Jacqui Poor, Theresa Carrington, Taunia Mason

    Religion – News story/Program Feature Segment
    Rip Kastaris-Iconographer
    Victoria Babu, Peter Foggy

    Societal Concerns – News Single Story/Program Feature Segment
    Pedaling to Stop Pushing
    Ken Calcaterra, William Locke

    Human Interest – Program/Feature Segment
    Kara Savio, Peter Foggy

    Human Interest – Program/Special
    Aleta Harris, Nancy Pasternak, Greg Kopp, Victoria Babu, Sharon Stevens, Suzanne Vanderhoef, Kerry Marks, Taunia Mason,Peter Foggy

    Informational/Instructional/Program Special
    Explore! Maps
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke, Kerry Marks, Colby Marshall

    Interview Discussion – Program
    One on One with Judy Blume
    Angie Weidinger, Julie Winkle, Greg Kopp

    Magazine Program
    Behind the Minds: March 2016
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Gina Kurre, Jerry Bryan, Julie Winkle, Nancy Pasternak, Jacqui Poor, Kerry Marks

    History in the First Person: Being a Change Agent
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke, Kerry Marks, Drew Schwartz, Colby Marshall, Reis Rosenbloom

    On-Camera Talent – Performer/Host
    Tim Gore

    Photographer – Program
    Peter Foggy

    Overall Excellence
    HEC-TV, Executive Director Dennis Riggs

    To see the full list of Mid-America Emmy Awards nominees, click here.

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