Reviews of Constellations, Intimate Apparel, Yasmina’s Necklace, Bravura, others: Feb. 2, 2017.

    Reviews of (1) CONSTELLATIONS, by Nick Payne, at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; (2) INTIMATE APPAREL, by Lynn Nottage, at The New Jewish Theatre; (3) LA CENERENTOLA, by Gioachino Rossini, at at Winter Opera Saint Louis; (4) YASMINA’S NECKLACE, by Rohina Malik, at Mustard Seed Theatre; (5) LITTLE THING, BIG THING, by Donal O’Kelly, at The Midnight Company; (6) THE YEAR OF THE BICYCLE, by Joanna Evans, at Upstream Theater; (7) HELL, by the company, at Theatre Nuevo; (8) BRAVURA, at Circus Harmony; and (9) WAKE UP CAMERON DOBBS, by Stephen Peirick, at Kirkwood Theatre Guild.

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