Reviews of Infected, The Humans, Red Scare on Sunset, Blackbird Silent Sky, others: Feb. 15, 2018

    Reviews of (1) INFECTED, by Albert Ostermaier, at Upstream Theater, (2) THE HUMANS, by Stephen Karam, at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, (3) RED SCARE ON SUNSET, by Charles Busch, at Stray Dog Theatre
, (4) BLACKBIRD, by David Harrower, at St. Louis Actors’ Studio, (5) SILENT SKY, by Lauren Gunderson, at West End Players Guild, (6) COLD, by Ben Jolivet, at Tesseract Theatre, (7) BEYOND THE RIVER, by Tre’von Griffith & Lauron Thompson-Cosby, at TLT Productions, (8) BUD, NOT BUDDY, by Kristin Greenridge & Terrence Blanchard, at Metro Theater Company, (9) BUS STOP, by William Inge, at Clayton Community Theatre.

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