314 Day in STL

    By Kelly Maue

    Pi is a mathematical constant with a value of 3.14. And someone (likely a mathematician?) had the bright idea that this numerical value represents the date March 14th, which should be hailed as Pi Day. 

    There are different ways to celebrate Pi Day. While some people may dabble in math or physics computations, others prefer to bake pies. But if you’re from St. Louis, you probably have a different idea about this day altogether.

    In the Lou, March 14th is known as 3-1-4 day. Again, it’s the same numerical date, but it’s said or read like a telephone area code. And it’s not just any area code; 314 covers most of – you guessed it – the St. Louis region! So, in our town, 314 Day celebrates all things St. Louis! It’s a day to shop local, support local, dine local, and appreciate LOCAL.  

    Two St. Louis natives, Tatum Polk and Terrell “Dip” Evans are co-founders of 314 Day. It began in 2006 when Evans wished there was some type of holiday for their hometown – a day for unity, peace, and positivity. It dawned on Evans that the main area code for St. Louis was the perfect date to promote all good things about the city.

    Now 18 years later, 314 Day has grown. See how area businesses and attractions participate the entire week leading up to 314 Day. Check out the planned events and where to find deals on your favorite attractions and local products. The calendar is on STL.com. 

    Pay the low price point of $3.14 on everything from a great cup of joe at one of the participating coffee hotspots to an STL-inspired burger, craft beer, gooey butter cake, and more. Or spend your three bucks and change on bowling, mini golf, a carousel ride at Union Station, or locally made items at SqWires restaurant and market.

    If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate, be part of the 314 Day Block Party or join a world record attempt at City Museum! Other options include a film expo featuring shorts shot in St. Louis or the 314 Day Local Vendor & Wellness Expo at Armory, St. Louis. Plus, find out where you can get your hands on a toasted ravioli taco (yes, you read that right), offered one day only on March 14th. 

    Polk and Evans want to remind everyone what makes our city unique. In addition to the list of deals and events, don’t forget other reasons to be proud of St. Louis. From developing top talent in countless areas and industries – to our unwavering support for our top-tier sports teams – St. Louis has much to be proud of. And don’t overlook the city’s rich history! Learn more about it with videos assembled all in one place on hecmedia.org.

    Whether you call it Pi Day or 314 Day, March 14th is a day to show your St. Louis pride. Buy a ticket to one of your favorite attractions, get a great deal at a local business, or attend one of the special events. And be sure to spread the love on social media. Tell the entire world why you love St. Louis.