A Letter from the Director


    Happy New Year Higher Education Consortium members,

    You have an unprecedented opportunity in 2016 that I urge you to explore.

    The synergies between HEC-TV and the Consortium reached historic proportions in 2015 and you can benefit from that momentum in 2016.

    Our Kids Rock Cancer documentary with Maryville University was aired on 130 Public Television stations across the country garnering hundreds of thousands of dollars in national airtime and millions of exposures for the University. It also inspired a fundraising concert by the band “Heart” that netted tens of thousands of dollars and fantastic positive press for the University.

    Our Mission To Educate film on the history of the St. Louis Archdiocese school district’s 200 years of education is currently being broadcast in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the U.K. It will air nationally in the U.S. later this month.

    Viewers in 45 countries watched our live program from Jazz at the Bistro.

    Our programming won 30 national and international awards for excellence.

    We provided the educational outreach, public awareness, and airtime funding match components for millions of dollars in grant application partnerships with consortium institutions.

    We consistently reach 622,000 cable subscribers and 3,000,000 over the air viewers with our education, arts, and cultural programming.

    As we launch into 2016, I’d like to ask you to think seriously about how your institution can partner with us.

    HEC-TV is unique in the world and presents a competitive advantage for Consortium members. Contact us on how we can work together to strengthen the reality and the perception of education in the greater metropolitan area.


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