All That Moves Us with Dr. Jay Wellons, Pediatric Surgeon

    In “All That Moves Us, A Pediatric Neurosurgeon, His Young Patients, And Their Stories Of Grace And Resilience,” Dr. Jay Wellons shares the stories of young lives that are changed, either shattered or put back together. The pediatric neurosurgeon recounts his most challenging cases and what he’s learned from his young patients about struggle and the meaning of life. Far from a medical journal, Wellons eloquently describes what’s running through his mind as he operates on the brains and spines of children, knowing he holds their lives in his hands. Harrowing close calls and complications are described with candor, compassion and detail. In our conversation with Dr. Wellons, he confesses to concern about bringing work home with him, worrying over the safety of his own children and the sudden accidents that could land them on an operating table.