Art of the Arcade at the Foundry art Centre

    The Foundry Art Centre has partnered with Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade to transform their main galleries into a free playable arcade spanning nearly half a century of video games! The public is free to experience these interactive pieces of art and learn the history of arcade and home gaming. This presentation serves as a remarkable reminder that art is everywhere and a can take on many different forms within a single given medium.
    Whether visitors are fans of racing games like Out Run, classics like Centipede and Pac-Man, fighters like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, adventure games like the Legend of Zelda, or have never touched a video game before in their lives, with literally hundreds of games to choose from this unique exhibit will have something fun for everyone.
    Art of the Arcade with Two Plumbers Brewery + Arcade continues at the Foundry Art Centre in St. Charles, Missouri through September 23, 2023. To learn more please visit