Authors and Community: The St. Louis Literary Award

    Dating back to 1967, the St. Louis Literary Award honors a different writer of significance each year– many of whom being recipients of remarkable honors such as the Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize, or National Book Award. Presented by the St. Louis Library Associates, The St. Louis Literary Award celebrates writers who are “deepening our insight into the human condition and… expanding the scope of our compassion.” Accompanying the award ceremony are year-round, community-based programs that create and foster an environment of literary education and inspiration. This year’s award recipient and focus is the esteemed Arundhati Roy, Delhi-based fiction and non-fiction author, and political activist.

    To learn more and get tickets for the St. Louis Literary Award 2022 ceremony honoring Arundhati Roy taking place April 28th, 2022 at 7 pm click here.