Bayless Students Learn CSI from Local Police/Detectives

    Detectives and crime scene investigators from the St. Louis County Police Department participated in an interactive education program, broadcast live from Bayless High School via HEC-TV on Thursday, March 14.

    Crime Scene Unit Detective Brian Schmidt and Bayless School District Resource Officer Dan Aten shared their own crime scene investigation methods as student groups from eight states and Alberta, Canada tuned into the live stream and participate through videoconference.

    “It’s very exciting to use our digital media resources to extend this unique learning opportunity to schools across the country,” said HEC-TV Live! Producer Jacqui Poor.


    Under the direction of Michael Hawkins, Director of Communications & IT at Bayless School District, Bayless students produced several videos specifically for this HEC-TV Live! program, including: a staged crime, and a complete investigation of the crime by the St. Louis County Police Crime Unit. These videos were used during the show as examples of the science behind the investigative process as evidence is analyzed and witnesses are questioned. Interacting students were able to ask Schmidt and Aten questions and participate in the process themselves as they made judgments about the evidence presented and individuals questioned. They solved the “crime” by the end of the program and learned new details about the science behind a criminal investigation.


    “The objective of the program is to help students understand the science, communication and sociology involved in investigating a crime through real-life examples from experts in the field,” said HEC-TV Live! Host/Producer Tim Gore.

    “Bayless is honored to work with HEC-TV to produce quality distance learning opportunities like the Science Behind Crime Scene Investigation.  Our students benefit greatly

    from being entrusted with these production opportunities.  HEC-TV’s commitment to education is outstanding,” Hawkins said.

    Following the live show, the program and corresponding curriculum materials will be available for on demand viewing at and the HEC-TV page on iTunesU.


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