“Blackwater Falls” with author Ausma Zehanat Kahn

    American-Canadian author Ausma Zehanat Kahn has over a dozen award-winning mystery and fantasy books published. A lecturer with a PhD in human rights law, Kahn also practices immigration law in North America.
    A longtime avid reader of crime fiction, it’s no surprise mystery writing is the genre she’s chosen to entertain her readers. Khan weaves her background and research in immigration rights, genocide and military intervention into her mystery novels.
    “Blackwater Falls” is the first in a series Kahn is calling “The States.” It features American Muslim detective Inaya Rahman as she investigates a series of disappearances of young girls in minority communities in Colorado. “Blackwater Falls” begins with the heinous killing of a young Syrian Muslim girl. Rahman, along with her partner, Catalina Hernandez, and independent monitor, Areesha Adams work together to try to change a system that is resistant to reform.