Chesterfield Arts plans to shut down operations


    CHESTERFIELD, MO – A shortage of revenue is forcing Chesterfield Arts, a nonprofit organization that promoted art education and public art in West County, to cease regular operations in August. But the Chesterfield City Council has been asked to help keep the nonprofit operating.

    The organization, which has faced declining revenue, was unable to find a new permanent location after it was notified it would have to relocate by June this year, Board President Mary Brown told St. Louis Public Radio.

    The group “really had no choice but to cease everyday operations,” after finding itself without a headquarters and having faced falling revenue last year, with 2014 not looking any better, she said.

    The shutdown meant ending arts classes and public outreach efforts and eliminating its staff, including now former Executive Director Stacey Morse, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

    However, Chesterfield City Council member Connie Fults has asked the council to discuss the nonprofit and its proposal to sell its pair of bronze horse statues to the city in order to raise money, at the council’s meeting in early August, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

    The Chesterfield Arts board had withdrawn a proposal that would have come before the city council Monday, Fults said, but she asked the council to vote next month on whether to fund the nonprofit, according to the Post-Dispatch.

    Claire Wright, Social Media and Marketing Intern


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