Constitution Day on Educate.Today

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit around a table with people like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and James Madison as they drafted the Constitution of the United States?

    What an exciting time in history that must have been, and what an influential group of men they were. Although James Madison is often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution,” due to many of his ideas making it into the document, the Constitution was the result of months of passionate, thoughtful ideas from many important contributors.

     As these delegates convened in Philadelphia to create a “more perfect union,” the country’s Constitution was crafted. They worked to create a framework that would provide balance and freedom considering federal and state interests as well as individual human rights. The delegates signed the Constitution of the United States on Sep. 17, 1787 – and by May 1790, the Constitution was approved by nine of the 13 states.

    Now, each year on Sept. 17, we celebrate these historical events by displaying the United States flag and partaking in community and school-wide activities to educate and acknowledge the great work of these men and the important document that we still hold dear today. But is it enough?

    Unfortunately, a recent survey from McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum tells us that Americans know more about “The Simpsons” television show than they do the First Amendment. Other studies have come to the same conclusion. Too few Americans – particularly young people – understand our Constitution and the civil rights we sometimes take for granted. Due to these studies, Constitution Day is undeniably one of the most important days of the year to celebrate.

    This year, schools and federal agencies will set aside Tuesday, Sept. 17 to celebrate and help our young people understand the Constitution and its meaning – and Educate.Today will be there to help!

    Beginning with a morning session and continuing sessions throughout the day, Educate.Today will offer schools and classrooms an opportunity to interact live with experts, educators, and other students on topics such as: origins of the First Amendment, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of the press. Each session will include discussions with experts, questions from students, and in-depth dialogue relating to these topics.

    During the first session a judge, attorney, and/or professor will be available live to talk about the First Amendment rights, why and how they came about, why they are first and how they have evolved, and past cases and challenges. Students participating in this session will be given an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts about the topic.

    During the second session, students will be involved in discussions with experts concerning free speech rights, how courts determine the line between what is acceptable free speech and what is not, real-life examples and school-related examples. Teachers can choose to sign up for all sessions throughout the day, or just those that fit into their schedule the best.

    If an afternoon time works better for a classroom, Educate.Today will have plenty of interesting experts and topics for those sessions as well.

    The afternoon sessions will include discussions with experts concerning freedom of assembly and petition of redress of grievances, how courts balance these rights with others and the practical implications of these rights. Students will also be given opportunities to react to real-life and school-related examples during these times. The afternoon sessions will begin after lunch and continue through the end of the school day.

    Educate.Today is excited to be a part of your celebration of Constitution Day this year! For more information on Constitution Day 2018: The First Amendment sessions, check out the Educate.Today website at, or email us at

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