Corpse Flower To Bloom at Missouri Botanical Garden

    It doesn’t bloom more than once a year, and when it does the stench it emits is among the foulest odors you’ll ever find at the normally sweet scented Missouri Botanical Garden. This 7 foot tall plant, commonly known as the “corpse flower,” is one of the most popular attractions at MoBot and it’s set to bloom July 2019. With an unknown number of days remaining before it opens up, and only a 12-36 hour window to see it before the natural spectacle ends, many in St. Louis are excited to get a wiff of the corpse flower.

    For updates on the plant’s status you can follow MoBot on Facebook @missouribotanicalgarden and on Twitter and Instagram @mobotgarden. There’s also a live 24/7 video feed of the flower at

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