Dana Levy Explores History and Architecture in St. Louis at the St. Louis Art Museum

    The Campbell House Museum was built in 1851 and converted into a museum, opening in 1943, preserving the Victorian era life of the wealthy. In her installation, Dana Levy walks through it as a ghostly explorer from the future, bridging the divide between past and future. Themes of time, societal issues, and division pervade Levy’s exhibit at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Currents: 119. On one side of the room she explores an immaculate example of preservation and on the other side she tackles decay within the very same city, using video to explore “apocalyptic” ruins in North St. Louis where the architecture has been given back to nature. Levy also interviews residents of the city and links North St. Louis’s current state and possible future to the remnants of Cahokia, a once thriving urban center. The exhibition is free to the public and available to experience until August 15, 2021. For more information, go to www.slam.org.