Drone School

    Drone School
    By Suzanne Vanderhoef

    You’ve probably seen a drone in flight –heck, you may even own one yourself.

    But have you ever thought about turning that hobby into a profession? And, if so, what sort of certification and training would you need?

    Bronwyn Morgan, CEO/Founder of Airversity and XEO Air Drone Service is a professional drone pilot training instructor. She is focused on commercial, corporate and public safety pilots. And her goal is to ensure that people know how to fly effectively and really understand how to use this very sophisticated equipment.”

    Bronwyn started Airversity because she wanted to encourage people –especially young people – to get into geospacial intelligence and inspire them. She focuses on people who are already flying drones and want to expand their abilities and help them become FAA certified as well as expand their abilities.

    She says she want drone flying to be fun, but there are safety requirements, too.

    “We want to make sure that everybody can share the skies safely and understand how this equipment works,” says Bronwyn. “And then from a public safety perspective, it is continuing to sharpen those skillsets, training new public safety, both law enforcement and fire officers and other operators on how to use this equipment. so that they fully understand, it’s not just the drone, it’s all the sensory things that go along with it.”

    Bronwyn has always been interested in flight and space, but she didn’t start off even thinking about training drone pilots.

    “Along with my love for aviation and aerospace since I was a kid I wanted to fly fighters, but I couldn’t –women couldn’t fly fighters when I left high school, so going to the military academy was an option,” Bronwyn explains. But I wouldn’t be able to fly fighters, so I just said I’ll go and become an aerospace engineer and work at NASA or JPL and become an astronaut. I didn’t do that either. I actually went down another path and went into business. But my love for this field has always been there.Now with my certifications and drones becoming a commercial civilian