From Arastide to Anarchy: Ben Fountain on Capturing Haiti in ‘Devil Makes Three’

    Ben Fountain returns with his first novel since the acclaimed “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” examining the intricacies of violence and corruption in the Caribbean in his new novel, “Devil Makes Three.”

    As the Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is overthrown in 1991, American scuba diver, Matt Amaker, gets caught up into a world of intrigue. Fountain paints a vivid picture of Haitian political dynamics through a cast of richly crafted characters.

    In this interview, Rod Milam talks with author Ben Fountain and gets the inside scoop.

    00:00 Introduction to “Devil Makes Three” and Ben Fountain
    02:18 Interview Begins
    02:51 Historical Context
    03: 41 About the Plot
    06:11 Haitian Socioeconomic Classes in “Devil Makes Three”
    08:21 This Book is About Power
    09:36 Understanding Haiti
    16:15 Is Haiti Cursed?
    18:11 Price for Freedom
    20:44 Haiti’s Future
    25:06 What Happens Next?
    28:07 Next Book