GlobalHack outlines first civic project hackathon

    St. Louis Business Journal — GlobalHack, the quarterly hackathon competition co-founded by LockerDome CEO Gabe Lozano, has detailed the first project under its new civic-focused strategy.

    Hackers who participate in the event — scheduled for Sept. 11-13 at the @4240 building in Cortex — will work with the Civic Tech for Social Impact Collaborative to create technology solutions that make it easier for people to navigate the criminal justice system and resolve their issues in a more timely fashion.

    GlobalHack officials in May announced the event would veer from its corporate-centric initiatives to focus on civic-minded projects. The strategy change comes as residents across north St. Louis County have found it difficult to navigate the courts following traffic fines. GlobalHack officials said they hope whatever technology comes out of the September hackathon can show how innovation can provide transparency, access and accountability to the local court system.

    The Social Impact Collaborative includes St. Louis County, Rise Community Development and OpenDataSTL.

    Matt Menietti, executive director for GlobalHack, said it’s his hope the solutions developed during the hackathon will be implemented locally and beyond.

    GlobalHack breaks its participants down into teams, which compete for $60,000 in prize money that is awarded by a panel of judges to the teams with the best solutions.

    Previously, companies including Emerson, LockerDome and TopOPPS have sponsored these hackathons and used the event to recruit potential employees.

    You can learn more about GlobalHack in this video.

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