HEC Media Nominated for 17 Emmys, including Overall Excellence

    Congratulations to all those nominated! HEC couldn’t carry out its mission to “strengthen the education, art, and cultural communities in the metropolitan area” without you and all our supporters! These nominations are for you, St. Louis!

    Arts/Entertainment- Program Feature Segment

    15 Year-Old Short Film Director
    Kara Vaninger

    Brock Seals: New Artist, Old Soul
    Suzanne Vanderhoef, Peter Foggy

    Jeanne Trevor, First Lady of St. Louis Jazz
    Victoria Babu, Peter Foggy

    Arts/Entertainment – Program/Special

    State of the Arts
    Kathy Bratkowski, Paul Schankman, Jayne Ballew, Julie Winkle, Nancy Pasternak, Jacqui Poor, Sandra Olmsted, Peter Foggy

    Education Schools

    Schankman’s St. Louis: What is Your Hope?
    Paul Schankman

    Historic/Cultural – Program Feature Segment

    The Legacy of the Black Cowboy
    Taunia Mason, Peter Foggy, Rick Rubbelke

    Sacred Art in Sand: Buddhist World Peace Mandala
    Kathy Bratkowski, Peter Foggy

    Human Interest – News Single Story/Feature

    Schankman’s St. Louis: The Jewish Santa
    Paul Schankman

    Human Interest – Program/Special

    Impact: November 2017
    Aleta Harris, Greg Kopp, Nancy Pasternak, Julie Winkle, Taunia Mason

    Informational/Instructional: Feature Segment

    How to Spot Fake News
    Victoria Babu, Peter Foggy

    Interview/Discussion -Program

    A Jellyfish Journey with Juli Berwald
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle, Christina Chastain

    Public/Current/Community Affairs – Feature/Segment

    Hope in the Baking
    Angie Weidinger, Peter Foggy


    Schankman’s St. Louis: Randy’s Rescue Ranch
    Paul Schankman

    Theatre of the Deaf Returns to STLCC-FV
    Paul Langdon

    Program Promo -Single Spot or Campaign (Non-News)

    A New Leaf Trailer
    Paul Schankman

    Writer: Program/Program Feature (Non-News)

    Paul Schankman

    Overall Excellence

    Dennis Riggs, President