HEC-TV Nominated for 24 Emmy Awards

    HEC-TV is proud to announce 24 Mid-America Emmy nominations for 2017!

    We couldn’t have achieved this great accomplishment without the help from our community partners, organizations, and people. A huge thank you!

    And the nominees are…

    The Art of Stained Glass
    Kathy Bratkowski, Peter Foggy

    A New Nature
    Suzanne Vanderhoef, Peter Foggy

    Drink Wine, Help People
    Angie Weidinger, Barry Bruns

    Artists First for Veterans
    Suzanne Vanderhoef, Peter Foggy

    Model Scouts
    Victoria Babu, Peter Foggy

    Shellback Iron Works
    Jayne Ballew, Peter Foggy

    State of the Arts at Delmar Hall
    Kathy Bratkowski, Paul Schankman, Jayne Ballew, Nancy Pasternak, Jacqui Poor, Dustin Karrer, Jeff White

    National Blues Museum
    Jacqui Poor, Peter Foggy, Rick Rubbelke

    Constitution Day 2016: The Miranda Decision, Presented by the Missouri Bar
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke, Colby Marshall

    Humans of St. Louis
    Julie Winkle, Greg Kopp, Jeff White

    Aleta Harris, Nancy Pasternak, Greg Kopp, Kelly Maue, Jacqui Poor, Kara Savio, Angie Weidinger, Jayne Ballew, Dustin Karrer

    Inventing Cancer Goggles
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke

    Explore! Weather
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rubbelke, Jacob Taylor, Colby Marshall

    Kwame Alexander: Keeping Poetry Cool
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle

    One on One with “Lucky Bastard” Joe Buck
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Julie Winkle

    Movers and Makers: Behind the Minds, December 2016
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Gina Kurre, Jerry Bryan, Jayne Ballew, Diane Duenez, Nancy Pasternak, Jacqui Poor, Robert Garcia

    Coffee for a Cause
    Kara Savio, Taunia Mason

    Maryville Talks Books
    Kelly Maue, Colby Marshall

    I Love Jazz
    Paul Langdon

    The Two On The Aisle Holiday Spectacular
    Jacob Taylor, Paul Langdon

    Brothers, Biobots, and Books
    Angie Weidinger

    Paul Schankman

    Host Compilation
    Tim Gore

    And the most prestigious award of all…

    Overall Excellence

    Winners will be announced at the Mid-America Emmy gala Saturday, Sept. 9, so stay tuned!

    Thank you St. Louis!

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