HEC-TV sweeps the 2016 Emmys with 7 awards!

    St. Louis — Award season is upon us and HEC-TV is honored to be adding a few more awards to our already packed shelves here at the studio! We couldn’t have produced quality arts, education and cultural programming without your help and we thank all of our partner organizations for your support.

    And the Mid-America Emmy Award winners are (in order of appearance)…

    “Teaming Up”
    There has been a lot of discussion about race relations and finding common ground in our community recently. This is exactly what brought two Illinois high schools together. Madison, a public and predominately African American high school, and Metro East Lutheran, a private and mostly white Christian school have formed a partnership – all for the love of football, but the lessons they learn off the field are unforgettable.
    Nancy Pasternak, Greg Kopp

    Behind the Minds: March 2016
    This episode proves great things are happening in St. Louis area schools. First stop – the Jennings school district where superintendent Dr. Tiffany Anderson implemented several new programs to better the whole child. We try to keep up with Dr. Anderson’s fast-paced day, and talk with her about the district’s future. Then, we’ll tell you about a club that has kids excited about coming to school early….to take math tests! Finally, it’s a program that puts students on stage with international recording artists. See the incredible success students are having with Artists for a Cause. Plus, our student reporter, Autumn Todd, introduces us to a high-energy new club at Francis Howell North High School.
    Angie Weidinger, Greg Kopp, Gine Kurre, Jerry Bryan, Julie Winkle, Nancy Pasternak, Jacqui Poor, Kerry Marks

    “Glass: The Art of Sam Stang”
    Sam Stang is a fine artist working in glass at his studio in Augusta, MO. His glass art is known for its vibrant colors and intricate design.
    Kathy Bratkowski, Peter Foggy

    “One on One with Judy Blume”
    One of our favorite childhood authors is back and she’s writing for us once again; Judy Blume’s latest book “In the Unlikely Event” is her first adult book in more than fifteen years. In this fiction that premiered at #4 on the New York Times bestseller list, Blume revisits her adolescence…using a series of tragic events that took place in the 1950s in her hometown as the backdrop for a tale of three generations of family and friends. Author Ridley Pearson talks with Blume about the five year journey she took to finish this novel, her writing inspirations and favorite past times.
    Angie Weidinger, Julie Winkle, Greg Kopp

    “The Blessing Basket: Artisan and You”
    The Blessing Basket Project works with third world villages to create baskets in exchange for wages that allows villagers to climb out of poverty. Now the project has a unique, one-of-a-kind technology that allows basket buyers to communicate directly to the artisans, and the result is creating life-long friendships.
    Jacqui Poor, Taunia Mason, Theresa Carrington

    “Pedaling to Stop Pushing”
    Meet Keith Dickerson, a one-man crusade, on a mission to bring the increasing problem of heroin addiction to the forefront. See how he is pedaling to stop pushing.
    Ken Calcaterra, William Locke

    “History in the First Person: Being a Change Agent”
    What does it mean to be a “change agent?” What skills and talents would serve you well as you seek to make a difference in your community? Learn from students and adults making a difference in the St. Louis area and apply lessons they have learned to your own work. Consider your role as a change agent. Be inspired. Share your inspiration. Make a difference.
    Tim Gore, Jacqui Poor, Jayne Ballew, Rick Rebelke, Kerry Marks, Drew Schwartz, Colby Marshall, Reis Rosenbloom*

    *Reis Rosenbloom is the first student for the Ladue School District to win an Emmy while still in high school. Rosenbloom attended Ladue Horton Watkins High School .

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