HEC Media winner of 2019 NEA Friend of Education Award

    The highest honor of the National Education Association, the Horace Mann “Friend of Education” award, was announced earlier this month to leaders in the television industry whose networks have made a lasting educational difference in the lives of millions, and HEC Media, an its educational arm Educate.Today, is honored to be included in this prestigious award for the second time.

    This award only reinforces the importance of our mission, “to strengthen and promote the education, arts, and cultural communities in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.”

    HEC is St. Louis’ leading producer of education and arts television programming, using technology to connect and synergize in innovative, highly successful ways. HEC provides an unparalleled level of service, changing the face of television by engaging viewers, empowering teachers, and encouraging students to achieve unparalleled success.

    Thank you for supporting HEC and we will continue to support the education, arts, and cultural communities in St. Louis.

    About Missouri NEA

    The Missouri NEA is an advocate for public schools, public school students and public school employees. The majority of MNEA’s professional staff are located in our regional offices, where they are available on short notice to assist our members and local associations in accomplishing their objectives. Through various legal programs, MNEA protects the employment rights of our members, wherever they live and work in Missouri. MNEA promotes and helps build support for public education through member communicationsspecial events andpublic relations programs. MNEA offers a full program of professional development opportunities and resources for Missouri educators–state conferences, regional workshops and other programs on request. MNEA’s legislative program provides an effective presence in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C., as policies affecting children and public education are debated. Through MNEA’s political program, we support candidates for office who will vote for children and public education once elected. MNEA offers a full menu of money-saving programs for members—from auto and homeowners insurance to money management programs and discounts on travel, restaurants, theme park and sports tickets, and shopping.

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