Help Wanted: Daydreamers. Study Finds Daydreaming on the Job can Bring Creative Solutions

    It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. That’s why it’s good to stay on task and focused. Or is it? This had Markus Baer’s mind wandering about daydreaming. Baer is a professor of organizational behavior at Washington University’s Olin Business School.
    Bosses may scold daydreamers, but could daydreaming at work sometimes be a good thing? And when is it okay to be distracted? To get answers, Baer and his colleagues conducted a study on daydreaming as it relates to employees who may daydream on the job. Study participants included employees and their bosses.
    The study found that daydreaming carries significant creative benefits for people who identify with their profession and care for the work they do.