Hero: Adolphus Thaddeus Watson, 100 year-old WWII Veteran

    Adolphus Thaddeus Watson, 100 Year old WWII Veteran, who served in the U.S. Army all black 351st artillery unit during the Battle of the Bulge is featured. His story takes us on a historical journey from being raised on a plantation by his Aunt Fannie who was born into slavery, the Jim Crow era, serving in the segregated U.S. Military, experiencing freedom for the first time in Scotland, enduring the Battle of the Bulge, post-war Jim Crow segregation, enjoying a successful career in construction for 31 years, while raising his six children with his wife Learlen. This is the inspirational story of a true American Hero, the last surviving WWII soldier of the U.S. Army 351st Artillery Unit, Adolphus Thaddeus Watson.