In Roddy Doyle’s new novel “Love”, old friends confront the decisions they’ve made for love

    It’s been 30 years since Irish writer Roddy Doyle burst onto American bookshelves and movie screens with “The Commitments,” his gritty, funny, joyful tribute to music, youth and his beloved hometown of Dublin. In his new and twelfth novel, “Love,” Doyle returns to the pubs of Dublin for a story of two aging friends who meet to catch up after years apart. Over the course of that night, they wrestle with the decisions they’ve made for love and in spite of it. In this fun and far-ranging interview, Doyle, winner of the prestigious Booker Prize (“Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha”) and the author of numerous novels, screenplays and stories, talks about the challenges of writing in quarantine, the modern issues that affect his work, and the memories, moments and emotions that inspire him.

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