Interview with Kathryn Bentley and reviews of Alabama Story, Canfield Drive, others: Jan. 17, 2019

    Interview with Kathryn Bentley, director of “The Workers’ Opera,” presented by Bread & Roses Missouri Worker Theatre Company at the Missouri History Museum.

    Reviews of:
    1. CANFIELD DRIVE, by Kristen Adele Calhoun & Michael Thomas Walker, at The Black Rep
    2. ALABAMA STORY, by Kenneth Jones, at the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
    3. I’LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT, by Peter Collet, at the Kirkwood Theatre Guild
    4. DIAL “M” FOR MURDER, by Frederick Knott, at the Theatre Guild of Webster Groves
    5. MY INFINITE SADNESS, by Darrious Varner, at Semi Robotic Productions

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