Keep Live Alive St. Louis

    By Suzanne Vanderhoef

    June 2021 Update: Keep Live Alive St. Louis raised $100,000 — enough to fund grants for every eligible applicant in the region who lost income during the last year due to the pandemic.

    When you close your eyes and think about all the stages and music venues that have been shuttered because of COVID, you probably picture empty stages without actors and musicians. But what about all the other people it takes to put on a show? Thousands of St. Louis area stagehands, sound and lighting crew, ushers, ticket takers and many, many more are out of work due to the pandemic, as well.

    That’s where Keep Live Alive St. Louis was born. The 90-minute special produced by the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society, features recorded performances and appearances by national and local artists, headlined by Sammy Hagar, a longtime St. Louis favorite, comedian Paula Poundstone, Kevin Cronin of REO Speedwagon and a host of local musicians from mama’s Pride to Danny Liston, all to raise money for the behind-the-scenes people who normally help keep us entertained.

    “Our plan is to give $1000 grants to those that qualify in the St. Louis region, the St. Louis metropolitan area,” explains Greg Hagglund, Co-Executive Producer, Keep Live Alive St. Louis. “One of the ways that we’ve tried to equate it is, think of the money that you’ve not been spending going to concerts, and now here’s a way to repay those people that put on those shows for you over the years.”

    You can watch the entire show and make a donation by visiting