Last minute gift ideas

    It’s that joyous season when everywhere you look, people are smiling, laughing and — running around town trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Here are some ideas that might save you a little more time. Sit by the fire, sip your hot coco, savor your latkes and relax! We’ve got you covered!

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    Food and Drink

    On-the-Go Wine Chiller

    This wine cooler from Le Creuset doesn’t just keep wine cold, it actually chills it. Pop the sleeve into the freezer, then slip in a bottle. In about 30 minutes, you will have perfectly chilled wine. It will also keep wine cold for about 90 minutes.

    A Grit-Free French Press

    The Espro P3 has an extra-fine filter that traps grit better than any of the five other presses we tested. This results in an exceptionally clear pot of coffee that earned unanimous praise from our tasting panel.

    A New Cookbook of Classics

    The latest cookbook from Donna Hay, Australia’s answer to Ina Garten, is full of tried-and-true recipes and stunning food photography. It contains over 200 recipes, from quick butterflied chicken to a no-fail recipe for meringue.

    For the Fledgling Beer Nerd

    This Brew Share Enjoy kit has everything a novice needs to begin brewing right out of the box, and it costs less than other kits. The instructions are straightforward, and the recipe is palatable for most craft beer fans.

    Tech and Gadgets

    In Their Hearts, In Their Homes

    The Nixplay Seed digital photo frame continues to be what my Nana calls the best gift I’ve ever given her. It’s easy to set up, and you can allow other family members to add photos as well. Nana often just sits watching it like a TV and smiling.

    Build a Computer From Scratch

    The Kano Computer Kit lets kids as young as 6 learn about and put together the basic parts of a computer without a grown-up’s help. Once it’s built, kids use Kano’s apps to code, play and explore.

    Gaming Console of the Season

    The hottest video game console this year is also the smallest and most portable. The Nintendo Switch boasts exclusive games, remakes of cult classics and a portable style that’s great for travel. Multiplayer titles and controllers make it fun to play with friends.

    One TV That Does it All

    The TCL 55P607 TV offers comparable image quality to TVs that cost more than twice as much and supports all the latest standards. Built-in Roku OS makes streaming easy: its search works across subscriptions to find your favorite shows and movies.

    Arts and Leisure

    New York Phil’s Birthday Box

    Among the offerings in “New York Philharmonic: The 175th Anniversary Edition,” a 65-disc set, the performances by maestros of earlier eras (Beecham, Mengelberg, Mitropoulos, Toscanini) are especially valuable. Naturally, Leonard Bernstein is well-represented.

    A New Tale for the Times

    Margaret Atwood wrote a new introduction to her 1985 dystopian novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Fans of the best-selling book and the Emmy-winning TV series will savor its beautiful repackaging and illustrations.

    Lady Liberty for Little Ones

    Dave Eggers and the illustrator Shawn Harris explore the history and cultural significance of the Statue of Liberty in “Her Right Foot,” an illustrated book for young readers that is as enlightening as it is charming.

    Artists Grade Color

    After an hours-long session testing 13 colored pencil sets with 60 kids and their parents, I recommend Prismacolor’s Premier set for beginners of all ages. They’re as good as artist-grade pencils that cost twice as much, with excellent pigment and durability.


    Tile Style

    Having tested every major tracker brand around, I think Tile’s Sport and Style are the best. They are louder and easier to hear compared with other trackers, and they stay paired to a phone at longer distances.

    iPhone X Folio

    After spending $1,000 on an iPhone X, spend a bit more and get a great case to protect its glass body. Twelve South’s Journal is leather, which will wear beautifully, and has room for cards on its front cover, meaning it can take the place of your wallet.

    All Of Your Favorites Within Reach

    If you travel the world with a Chromecast, the world of streaming movies, TV shows and music is right there with you. It’s controlled by your phone, so all your saved movies and music are available at the touch of a screen.

    Adventures in Reading

    Nurture young explorers with these 10 books from the “This Is” travel series, written and illustrated by the painter Miroslav Sasek. Whether it’s about London, Munich, Australia or other rich locales, each title is full of pictures and interesting facts.

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