Maintaining Mental Health During the Holiday Season

    According to the American Psychological Association, 38% of people surveyed said their stress increased during the holiday season, which can lead to physical illness, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. The reasons given include lack of time, financial pressure, gift-giving, and family gatherings.
    So, while holiday cheer fills the air – all the deadlines, financial stress, holiday travel, fatigue, holiday shopping, holiday pressure, family gatherings, high expectations, loneliness, the loss of loved ones, etc. – that cheer dims. The National Alliance on Mental Illness found that 64% of people living with mental illness reported that their conditions worsened around the holidays.
    Molly Dwyer-Simonsen is the regional director of Mercy’s Outpatient Behavioral Health. She says anyone may suffer from holiday stress and holiday blues. She said with planning, holiday stress and depression can be managed.
    Help is available through Mercy Behavioral Health Resources, 314-251-0555.

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