MoDOT Map App Encouraged for Holiday and Wintertime Travelers in Missouri

    By Kathleen Berger, Executive Producer for Science and Technology

    The Missouri Department of Transportation encourages holiday and wintertime travelers to treat themselves to the MoDOT Map app. The app gives real-time travel conditions with features unique to Missouri and Missouri weather.

    After all, traffic and travel can be a headache, and no one wants to deal with traffic problems on high volume holiday travel days.  In some areas of ramp closures and lane restrictions from continual road repairs, MoDOT is aware.

    “In some cases we have more permanent lane shifts, but if the lanes are able to be reopened, we just try to plan for many drivers that are traveling during holidays who are maybe more unfamiliar,” said Michelle Forneris, MoDOT Assistant District Engineer. “And so we try to keep the ramps open and lanes open during holiday travel so to make it as easy as possible for those holiday travelers and make sure that they know what to expect when they’re out traveling the roadways.”

    At MoDOT’s Transportation Management Center in Chesterfield, operators access state-of-the-art technology and tools to create awareness by updating the overhead electronic message boards, called Dynamic Message Signs.  Operators also create awareness by updating MoDOT’s app and website, called the MoDOT Map app, also known as the MoDOT Traveler Information Map:

    “The cameras that are being streamed at the management center are live streaming cameras only,” said Forneris. “Specifically here in St. Louis, we have access at the Transportation Management Center to 650 closed circuit TVs and over 150 dynamic message signs.”

    If holiday travelers use the MoDOT Map app to check out their route before they head out, they can see live video for themselves.

    In the Transportation Management Center, operators are watching and monitoring traffic sensors. They are updating information and communications to relieve congestions and improve safety.

    The MoDOT Map app’s real-time travel conditions cover everything from roadwork, traffic accidents to weather issues. Winter weather is a concern for holiday travelers.

    “If we’re seeing partially covered roads or covered roads,” said Forneris. “That tool can help you plan the best route.”

    MoDOT has plans to build new features for the app, so that in the future travelers may get real-time information on snowplows.

    “It may be something towards how you can see where the snowplows are at in real time with GPS,” Forneris explained.

    Giving travelers peace of mind in the winter, helping them make decisions so that they may have a happy holiday.

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