On Fire: John O’Leary’s story

    Back in the 80s, as a kid John O’Leary played with gasoline and matches. The resulting explosion blew up his parents’ house. He suffered third-degree burns on 100 percent of his body and was given less than one percent chance of surviving the first night. John quietly defied the odds and made it out of the hospital and went on to lead a remarkably normal life. He attended DeSmet then went on to Saint Louis University, worked in real estate, got married, had four kids. During all of this, he never once talked about his “accident” or obvious scarring. In 2004, John was encourage speak out about his story after his parents wrote a book about the experience. He went on to write his own book in 2016: “On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life.” Today he shares his story with people all over the world.