Shadale from the Voice sings The Christmas Song

    Shadale was recent a contestant on NBC’s series the Voice and made the top 13 list. In this music segment Shadale wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Coming up, HEC TV will broadcast her story and share love for music that started 4 years old. She participated in choir and musical theater throughout school and started singing competitively. At 21, she joined a gospel group and spent the next seven years touring all over the world, both with the group and as a solo act. When Shadale became a single mom, traveling abroad became much harder. With the help of her parents, she was still able to care for her daughter and perform overseas, but ultimately left the touring. But, Shadale never gave up on her dream of becoming a recording artist. In her upcoming story we’ll learn what is takes to reach success. She’ll discuss how she is working to put together a team that will boost her to star status. She’ll explain how hard work and determination equal success.

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