Shining Light on Uterine Fibroids Through Art

    On view now until October 6th at Wildfruit Projects is Tasha Nicolé Burton’s exhibition, When the Womb is Tender. This exhibition shines light on Uterine Fibroids and just a few out of many women of color who have suffered from this type of growth in the uterus. Burton studies racial justice in the healthcare system and actively advocates for this growth that is often not well understood or researched by scientists. She gave the women featured through photographs in this show an opportunity to share their story one-on-one with her. Since Burton put the call out for this project she has received dozens of inquiries from women who also suffer from Uterine Fibroids. She is proud to hold space for these women to speak on their experience rather than hold it in with shame and embarrassment. Uterine Fibroids is far more common than most people are aware of. You can learn more by visiting the show or the artist talk on September 16th at Wildfruit Projects in Dutchtown.