Sneak Peek: A Community Garden in the Central West End

    By: Joyce Gates and Erica Kenney

    The well-known saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well when life gave Dr. Arthur Culbert an idea, he decided to use it to create a garden.  For the past few weeks, we have been previewing an all-new episode of Impact that airs next week and today we are going to share another glimpse of what you can expect in this exciting program! In this particular segment, we follow the former Dean of Boston University School of Public Health and Medicine as he helps to thrive the environment and the people around him.

    Culbert“People don’t always have access to fresh food. So part of my mission has been, ‘What can one person make with regards to a difference here in St. Louis?’ One thing St. Louis has is open space.”
    – Dr. Arthur Culbert

    With that open space on Waterman Avenue in the Central West End, Dr. Culbert grew and continues to grow fresh produce, all of which he donates to local food pantries.  What’s even more incredible about Dr. Culbert’s mission is that it extends even further to include educating future generations.  New City School students volunteer their time preparing sandwiches for food pantries, as well as part of their summer vacation–yes their summer vacation–to work in the garden. This Impact package showcases the generous efforts of Dr. Culbert and the fourth grade students of New City School as they step forward toward making this world a better place.

    Community GardenWhen I’m putting in the effort [gardening], I do kind of think of it as work; but I think of it as a good work because it’s going to help other people.”
    – Daniel Martin, student; New City School

    It’s amazing that Dr. Culbert used a notion he developed while walking to help create various forms of change. His story as well as the story of each individual in this installment help to showcase how one small idea can produce a big impact in the lives of many. This segment of Impact truly displays just how much can be accomplished when more than one person lends a hand, as well as the true meaning of helping others.

    Also coming up on Impact: the story of a St. Louis paralyzed surgeon and the Peter and Paul Community Center’s CollabARTive initiative.

    Tune in January 25th for a brand new Impact that’ll touch more than just your green thumb!

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