Solito: The unforgettable true story of a 9-year-old’s solo migration to the U.S.

    Solito. It means little, alone. Javier Zamora was just nine when he embarked upon a 3000 mile journey from his tiny village in El Salvador to the United States in hopes of being reunited with his parents who fled a few years earlier. He traveled alone, relying on the help of a coyote hired to lead him safely and a group of strangers. His expected two week journey turned into two months. The coyote leaves him and the strangers become an unexpected family as they endure one harrowing experience after another. The gripping accounts are told in the voice of Zamora’s nine-year-old self. Endearing, sad, frightening along with miraculous moments and acts of kindness, Zamora’s memoir reads like a novel.

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