Spotlight: Abraham Lincoln, Bloody Island and COVID Air Monitor Detector

    In this week’s episode, inside a one of a kind museum where you can climb on almost everything; a site where political adversaries challenged each other to duels, why the most important one was the one that was never fought; a revelatory and enthralling biography on Abraham Lincoln; Washington University researchers create an indoor air monitor used to detect viruses in real time; a notable White House seamstress with St. Louis roots and an interview with George W Bush’s personal photographer.

    One of a Kind
    From the depths of the caves to its 10-story slide, City Museum continues to find new ways to delight and surprise visitors from around the world.
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    History Spotlight: Bloody Island Duel
    The most important Bloody Island duel was the one the was never fought.

    Abe; Abe Lincoln in His Times, A Conversation with David S. Reynolds
    From one of the great historians of nineteenth-century America, a revelatory and enthralling new biography of Abraham Lincoln.

    A pathogen air quality monitor for indoor spaces can detect COVID-19 in about 5 minutes
    A pathogen air quality monitor can detect COVID-19 viral particles that are shedded from any infected person in about 5 minutes.

    Elizabeth Keckley, Behind the Scenes
    Seamstress Elizabeth Keckley went from slavery to the White House to the page. In her memoir, she recounts her story, including many years spent in St. Louis.

    Eric Draper, White House Photographer
    Eric Draper talks to HEC Media about his job as the white house photographer during the George W. Bush presidency 2001 – 2008.