Spotlight: Anti-aging Research, The Keeper of the Cup & Dr. and Missouri Weird & Wonderful

    In this week’s episode, see the Show-Me state like never before through a new book; meet Dr. Diuguid and find out about the challenges he faced and how they did not deter him from success; Washington University researchers reveal how to live a longer healthier life with anti-aging therapy; in preparation of the Laumeier Art Fair, meet a designer who creates fun printed textiles; as the Blues hockey season comes to a close, we introduce you to two men who live the game even if they don’t play it.

    Missouri Weird and Wonderful
    Missouri Weird and Wonderful, a new book from St. Louis based Reedy Press, author Amanda Doyle and illustrator Dan Zettwoch show you the Show-Me state like never before.

    History Spotlight: Dr. Diuguid
    A successful scientist, teacher, and inventor despite color barriers.

    Activating specific brain cells in mice increases life span with a healthier, younger appearance
    “This is actually the first demonstration that manipulating specific neurons delays aging and expands life span in mice,” said Shin-ichiro Imai, MD, PhD.

    Meet the Artist: Lillian Stephen
    Meet Lillian Stephen, a textile artist and printmaker working in St. Louis whose functional artwork radiates a playful vibe thanks to her vibrant colors and fun patterns.

    How Being a Sports Fan Is Good for Your Health
    Can being a sports fan make you happier, healthier and more understanding? Larry Olmsted’s book “Fans” says yes and Super Fan Ron Baechle backs up the findings.

    Phil Pritchard; The Keeper of the Stanley Cup
    Phil Prichard talks to HEC about his job as the Keeper of the Stanley Cup. He also talks about the history of the Stanley Cup.