Spotlight: Art, Anti-Aging & Giving Back

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture. In this week’s episode see where Art Meets Vintage in St. Charles; learn how the Missouri Botanical Gardens is moving a 20 foot tall, 2300 pound blue blown glass chandelier; hear from a therapist about seeing a therapist; discover how Washington University is working to make people younger; explore the work of Keith Haring at the World Chess Hall of Fame; give back by eating out with GiftAMeal; and enjoy St. Louis Blues performed by SLSO musicians.

    Art Meets Vintage
    Gregory Dielam shows some of his “up-cycled” artwork on display in his St. Charles gallery, Art Meets Vintage.

    Piece by Piece: Removing the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Chihuly Chandelier
    What happened to the blue Chihuly chandelier that once welcomed guests to the Missouri Botanical Garden? Why it’s gone and how it was tediously taken down.

    A Conversation with bestselling author, therapist Lori Gottlieb
    Lori Gottlieb discusses her new book, and debunks some theories and misconceptions about therapy along the way.

    Anti-Aging NMN Compound Advances into the Next Stage Clinical Trial at Washington University
    A leading NMN researcher at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis is conducting a second and larger human clinical trial investigating NMN.

    Keith Haring: Radiant Gambit at the World Chess Hall of Fame
    Keith Haring: Radiant Gambit, on show at the World Chess Hall of Fame, is the largest solo exhibition of Keith Haring art to ever be on display in St. Louis.

    Giving Back by Eating Out with GiftAMeal
    GiftAMeal is a mobile app that donates a meal’s worth of food to a local food bank every time someone takes a picture of their food at a member restaurant.

    St. Louis Blues
    This performance was part of SLSO’s Songs of America. To learn more visit

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