Spotlight: Back to School, Food Trucks & Mozart

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    In this week’s episode hear from a local author about her new book which provides a road map to help educators prepare young people for the future, discover a new public safety tool that sends real-time 911 information to schools in the St. Louis Region, learn about a COVID research study being conducted in north St. Louis County schools geared to help kids safely return to classes, go behind the scenes of “Ordinary Lives” at Art St. Louis, step into the 9 Mile Garden and learn how the pandemic has altered the food truck industry, meet St. Louis Art Fair artists Nicki Gulley and Jeffery Zachmann & enjoy Mozart performed by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra in the beautiful Missouri Botanical Gardens.

    Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World
    In “Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World,” Stephanie Malia Krauss provides a road map to help educators prepare young people for the future.

    911 Real-Time Analytics at Parkway Schools to Identify Nearby Threats & Hazards in Real Time
    With SirenGPS technology provided to Parkway Schools, school security and administration will know about a 911 call before police arrive on scene.

    Study to Determine if Weekly Surveillance Testing for COVID-19 Infections is Needed in Schools
    Students, staff and household members are asked to sign up for weekly surveillance testing for COVID-19 infections during the entire 2021-2022 school year.

    Ordinary Lives at Art Saint Louis
    This new exhibit at Art Saint Louis features art that focus on the ordinary aspects of life and the things that make everyday special.

    Food trucks claim a greater role in St. Louis during the pandemic
    St. Louis has a growing food truck community, with the city’s first food truck garden and over 140 trucks in operation.

    Meet the Artist: Niki Gulley
    Meet Niki Gulley, an impressionist painter known for her stunning landscape paintings. Niki discusses her painting process, as well as her thoughts and inspirations as an artist.

    Meet the Artist: Jeffrey Zachmann
    Meet Jeffrey Zachmann, a kinetic art sculptor whose work involves creating metal tracks for marbles to slide along. The rustic look of his sculptures and the joy of watching marbles fly through them is enough to bring the kid out in anyone.

    Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik performed by the St. Louis Symphony
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