Spotlight: Cabrini Academy, Living History & Second Chance Ranch

    In this week’s episode, a look at St. Frances Cabrini Academy in South St. Louis, the 50-year Mars career of one Washington University professor, walk through the fall exhibits at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis, experience the living history in Ste Genevieve, step inside the new print and paper studio at Craft Alliance, and the area’s first doggy retirement home.

    The Cabrini Academy: A World Class School
    St. Frances Cabrini Academy in South St. Louis is a beacon of hope for neighborhood children, most of whom are immigrants or the children of immigrants.

    Mars Investigator Celebrates His 50-Year Career Exploring Mars
    Raymond E. Arvidson gives public lecture for his career celebration titled, “My 50 Years Exploring Mars: From the Viking Landers to the Perseverance Rover.”

    Fall Exhibits At Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
    Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis has opened their fall 2022 exhibits! See works from Mona Chalabi, the Great Rivers Biennial artists, Embajada, and much more.

    Living History
    Experience the living history in Ste Genevieve, MO. Watch the full videos at Educate.Today

    New Print and Paper Arts Studio at Craft Alliance
    The new print and paper arts studio space at Craft Alliance expands the organization’s educational selection of art classes available to the community.

    Second Chance Ranch is the area’s first old dog & cat sanctuary
    Emmy Nominated
    It’s the areas first old dog sanctuary that gives furry friends great lives. Julie Tristan takes us to a ranch run by volunteers who love senior dogs and cats.