Spotlight Celebrates 314 Day

    In this week’s episode, we celebrate what makes St. Louis unique with 314 Day, find out how it all got started; a look at St. Louis’ Taj Mahal; why a home in the Tower Grove neighborhood is getting lot of attention on social media; a look back at a monthly magazine all about high school life in our city; a tollbooth operator turned local celebrity on History Spotlight; and a locally published book gives a new look at old downtown St. Louis.

    314 Day happens on March 14th in St. Louis
    It’s a day to activate the entire city of St. Louis! 314 day celebrates what every loves about the STL! Find out how to celebrate this year!

    St. Louis’ Taj Mahal
    The Wainwright Tomb in St. Louis’ Bellefontaine cemetery is considered one of the best examples of tomb architecture in the U.S, drawing visitors from all over.

    Peeling Back the Layers of the Onion House
    There’s a house that is so interesting it has its own email address & Instagram page! Julie Tristan tells us all about The Onion House!

    Schankman’s St. Louis: Back to the Prom
    A look back at Prom Magazine, published in St, Louis between 1947 and 1973. Some believe the magazine was indirectly responsible for creating the St. Louis tradition of asking “where did you go to High School?

    History Spotlight: Charlie on the Bridge
    Thirty years working in a toll booth may sound like a tedious task, but one St. Louisan not only got the job done but improved the lives of those passing through his booth each day. Public Historian, Amanda Clark, explains how.

    A New Look at Old Downtown St. Louis
    A locally published book traces the history of Downtown St. Louis using rarely seen illustrations and photographs to tell the story.