Spotlight: Celebrates Food

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture.

    In this week’s episode we introduce you to the cookie lady, you’ll learn about a local holiday food drive, then discover the origins of Reddi Wip, find out how a local restaurateur celebrates Thanksgiving across cultures, meet one woman who has taken her love of pickles to the next level, uncover a little known fact about horseradish, explore food and drink-themed chess sets at the World Chess Hall of Fame, see how one group is helping pets this holiday season, and meet Mama Cat and her team of Potbangerz working to feed their unhoused families.

    Pastry chef extraordinaire and St. Louis native Helen Fletcher talks about the joy of making and baking cookies and other pastries.

    Five Drive Food Drive for Every Childs Hope
    Rudy Hamilton a young St. Louis entrepreneur has made it his mission to give back to the organization Every Childs Hope through a Thanksgiving Food Drive.

    Family Food Traditions
    DD Mau Vietnamese Eatery owner Julie Truong talks about the importance of food and family in her holiday traditions.

    Pickle This: Aliska’s Amazing Pickles
    Aliska’s Amazing Pickles is a unique cafe that focuses on creating flavored pickles and pickle-infused delicacies.

    The World Chess Hall of Fame
    “Pawns and Passports” and “Check Please!” are the two newest exhibits at the World Chess Hall of Fame. They will remain on show through January 30, 2022.

    Food Pantry For Pets
    It’s a food pantry for pets! The idea began when two women saw a need and decided to do something! Now the group has lots of volunteers & is still growing!

    PotBangerz and Mama Cat Uplift the St. Louis Community with Food and Love
    MaMa Cat, Founder of PotBangerz is making a difference one meal at a time, by cooking with love and then sharing that love with her “un-housed family.”

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