Spotlight: Chess at the Muny, World’s Fair Restaurants & Diagnosing Brain Diseases

    In this week’s episode, the story behind the Muny’s recent production of “Chess;” a look at the unique restaurants of the 1904 World’s Fair; a new non-invasive way Washington University uses to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders; an art exhibit celebrating lesser known places and scenes around our beloved city; and mother, teacher & musician Steph Plant talks about what inspires her.

    Chess Premieres at the Muny
    The musical Chess is appearing at the Muny stage until July 11th. In conjunction with the show, there is also a special exhibit at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

    World’s Fair Restaurants
    One of the most fascinating things about the 1904 World’s Fair is the food and the restaurants. The fair introduced St. Louisans to new foods sometimes served in bizarre locations.

    New Technique for Diagnosing Brain Diseases is Successfully Put to the Test
    A new way of diagnosing brain diseases combines focused ultrasound with a new method for opening the blood-brain barrier for retrieval of disease biomarkers.

    Secret St. Louis at Green Door Art Gallery
    Green Door Art Gallery is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an exhibit exploring lesser known places around St. Louis.

    Steph Plant: Musician, Teacher, Mother
    Steph Plant is a teacher at Metro East Montessori School. She is also a musician. Steph incorporates songwriting and singing everyday in her classroom.