Spotlight: Culturally Responsive Teaching, Extraordinary Black Missourians & The Blues

    In this week’s episode, a group of educators write a book together to help others teach in a way that brings in a student’s identity; art on display at the Angad Arts Hotel restaurant that uses rust and porcelain to create beauty; a look at how the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator & Danforth Plant Science Center Partnership benefits the St. Louis region; father and son authors talk about black Missourians who’ve had tremendous achievements; wise words from Civil Rights icon Frankie Muse Freeman; artists and The Foundry Art Centre explore the theme, The Blues; and an impromptu performance by blues legend Bobby Rush.

    Culture to the Max: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice
    On this episode of the Classroom Matters podcast an expert panel of guests and authors of the book Culture to the Max! Culturally Responsive Teaching and Practice offers an in-depth look into the practice and implementation of Culturally Responsive Teaching that can inform curriculum development, teacher evaluation, and classroom and culture evaluation.

    Joe Chesla and Norleen Nosri at Angad Arts Hotel
    The Commonwealth Restaurant in Angad Arts Hotel is showcasing works by local artists and educators Joe Chesla and Norleen Nosri. Chesla’s unique abstract compositions adorn the walls while Nosri’s ceramic vessels are displayed on shelfs around the restaurant.

    Advancing AgTech in St. Louis Through Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator & Danforth Plant Science
    The Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator is making agriculture more sustainable in the face of climate change and global food security challenges.

    Extraordinary Black Missourians
    In this edition of Schankman’s St. Louis, Paul interviews the authors of “Extraordinary Black Missourians,” published in St. Louis by Reedy Press.

    In Her Own Words: Civil Rights Activist Frankie Freeman
    Frankie Muse Freeman spent her life fighting discrimination and helped to establish many civil rights policies.

    The Blues at the Foundry Art Centre
    The Blues is a new exhibit at the Foundry art Centre featuring works by five of their studio artists. The theme of the show explores the word “Blue” and all of its potential interpretations across a variety of media.

    Bobby Rush King of the Chitlin’ Circuit
    King of the Chitlin’ Circuit, Bobby Rush talks about the tough times touring the circuit during the 1950’s and how so much has changed for him today.