Spotlight: Geospatial, Puppets & Wastewater

    HEC Media’s Spotlight program airs every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 11, and showcases St. Louis’ finest contributions to art, education, and culture.

    In this week’s episode hear from a former Music Director and Conductor of the St. Louis Symphony about his new book, learn about a plan that maps out how St. Louis could become a global geospatial hub, meet some of the puppeteers of The Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis, discover an interesting way local scientists are tracking COVID variants, explore the history of St. Louis through art on display at Craft Alliance, and travel back in time through watercolor.

    First Person One on One: Leonard Slatkin
    Leonard Slatkin, who once served as Music Director and Conductor of the St. Louis Symphony, reflects on the modern evolution of classical music in his new book.

    GeoFutures with Andrew Dearing
    Project Lead for GeoFutures, Andrew Dearing, discusses the geospatial industry and St. Louis’ role in it. He discusses the GeoFutures Strategic Roadmap and what he hopes it will accomplish over the next ten years.

    The Puppeteers of St. Louis
    The Puppet Guild of Greater St. Louis has been in operation since 1939, making it the second oldest puppetry guild in the country.

    Testing Wastewater in Missouri to Track Spread of COVID & Delta Variant, Identifying Mu Variant
    Marc Johnson, PhD, at the University of Missouri School of Medicine is a pioneer in the new science of wastewater testing for COVID-19 tracking.

    Alicia Piller at Craft Alliance
    Unearthed: Time Keeping Mound City at Craft Alliance showcases the work of visual artist Alicia Piller, who is exploring the history of St. Louis in her art.

    St. Louis in Watercolor
    St. Louis in Watercolor takes a look at the city’s history using watercolor pictures from artist Marilynne Bradley’s latest book. Stories of murder and mystery.

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